How to spend money on clubs to get the best bang for your buck

Golf has always been group activity, and it is my personal opinion that peer pressure of having the best golf club sets and performing at our highest potential has only benefited golf club manufacturers and other corporations who focus on selling high end golf gear. The reason why i think that is because golf is the only sport where players seem so eager to spend thousands of dollars on equipment without thinking about it twice. Golf is also a sport mainly played by retired people, who, in some cases, have abundance of money and spend it carelessly on golf clubs. These people are always looking for senior golf drivers with best materials and shafts, not realizing that it’s the skill and experience that improve your game quality, not the price tag on a golf club. I would find it understandable, only if golf clubs actually improved your performance or results, but that is rarely the case. Owning luxurious golf clubs seems more like proving your high status more than anything. Sort of like wearing Rolex or driving mercedes. Golf club manufacturers have benefited greatly from this.

When i told my friends this, they laughed at me, but instead of wasting all this money on luxury golf items, what i’d do, and am going to do, is to spend it on traveling and seeing golf courses all around the world. For example, Scotland has one of the best courses with breathtaking sceneries, and it isn’t at all expensive to travel there. Plus, you’re getting to know of new culture and get to experience the magic feeling of traveling. It might be because of me being hopeless romantic, but i would prefer to spend money on seeing the world and play with regular clubs, rather than vice versa.

Even if you’re feeling a bit unenthusiastic about traveling abroad, there are so many gorgeous golf courses here, in America, that you most probably have not seen. I took my weekend off and visited one in my neighbor state, Wisconsin. It was absolutely stunning, and all members of my family including kids had a great time. When i got home, i discovered that the very golf course i visited, is listed as 4th most beautiful course on the whole planet! How crazy is that. This is link to that list.

Overall, what i wanted to say with this article, is that luxury items that are supposed to make you feel proud of yourself aren’t that satisfying in the end. Even scientific studies have shown that luxury items such as super expensive golf clubs do bring happiness, but it goes away very quickly. Once you do it once, you’ll always feel the need to impress others, and it’s jost too much of a burden for me to bear. I hope my rant or review, whatever you want to call it, had some effect and convinced someone to spend their money more wisely, but even if it didn’t, i at least tried.

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